Aral Balkan

Our lives are a string of experiences. Experiences with people and experiences with things. And we, as designers — as the people who craft experiences — have a profound responsibility to make every experience as beautiful, as comfortable, as painless, as empowering, and as delightful as possible.’

— This is All There Is.

I’m an activist, designer, and software developer.

I’m one third of, a tiny social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age. We practice ethical design to create post-cloud technology for a democratic, just, and egalitarian future.

I’m currently working on Better, a tracker blocker (traditionally referred to as an ad blocker or content blocker) for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

You can buy Better for iPhone & iPad on the App Store, buy Better for Mac on the Mac App Store, or clone Better for free from our source code repository.

Beyond The Clouds

Beyond The Clouds — 56 mins. 16th April, 2016.
PS. You’re watching this without getting tracked thanks to the Universal Video Player.



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