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Custom error pages for Indie Web Server

A green monster, deep in thought. The text reads: “Hmm… Sorry, I can’t find /that-which-cannot-be-found

A custom 404 message.

I just released Indie Web Server version 6.3.0 with new default 404 and 500 error pages and support for custom ones.

A pink monster with tears welling up in its eyes. The text reads: “Sniff… There was a server error: Bad things have happened.

A custom 500 message. Poor little baby monster is really taking it badly.

To create a custom error page for your static site, just create a folder at /404 or /500 in your web content and add, at a minimum, an index.html file in it.

Any assets you put in those folders can be addressed using standard relative links from the index.html file.

On your custom 404 error page, you can use the template variable THE_PATH to include the missing path that the person tried to access and on your custom 500 error page, you can use the template variable THE_ERROR to include the body of the error message.

For example, here’s an excerpt from the sample custom 404 error page that is used in the unit tests1:

<img src="hmm-monster.svg" alt="Green monster, thinking.">
<p><strong>Sorry, I can’t find</strong> THE_PATH</p>

Your error pages will be served at the URL of the error itself and using the correct error codes (not, for example, using redirects).

New default error pages

The default 404 page. Reads: 4🤭4 Could not find /that-which-cannot-be-found

The default 404 page.

I also added a tiny bit of life to the default error pages.

The default 500 page. Reads: 5🔥😱 Internal Server Error: Bad things have happened.

The default 500 page showing the test page at /test-500-error

Hope you enjoy them! :)

  1. You can find both of the sample custom error pages pictured here in the test/site directory used by the unit tests. ↩︎