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Public Stack Summit

This post was live blogged. Entries are in reverse chronological order.


Katja, Laura, Todd and myself had a lively conversation about what constitutes a public stack and presented it. Core principles: individual ownership/control and convenience. A main challenge is protecting personhood in the digital age. Personhood is a prerequisite to the social contract. Individual sovereignty is a necessary (but not sufficient) prerequisite for a healthy commons.

Other teams raised points including: keeping values at the core of the stack (see Ethical Design Manifesto), ethics in sourcing and manufacture (see Fairphone).


I’m going to take a little break now so I can participate more directly. Will update if and when I have something interesting to share.


This is how I’m live blogging with Hugo, rsync, and DAT, by the way.

My live blogging setup


Katja from Nesta introducing herself. Laura and I will be at the FutureFest conference they’re organising in London soon.

Katja introducing herself


Introductions: Purism,, Yoti, Commons Network and others.


We are on a boat so my connectivity may be limited.


We’re being asked to draw each other an ice-breaker.

The participants


Public Stack Summit kicking off. The boat is leaving.

Marleen about to kick things off