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Off to Denmark for Smukfest

Laura (blurred in the background) and me in the car.

Laura and me, in a car at silly o’clock.


I’m in a car at silly o’clock, being driven to the airport by the ever-wonderful Laura.


Photo of me on the plane looking sleepless.

Me, on a plane at also silly o’clock.

I’m on a plane at also silly o’clock, en route to Denmark via London to speak at Smukfest tomorrow near Skanderborg.


Table top with three magazines: Linux Magazine on top with bits of New Scientist and New Philosopher showing underneath. Partial: coffee cup, lemonade, and muffin.

Magazines and muffins FTW!

Landed at London Stansted airport and preparing to wait a couple of hours with three magazines (Linux Magazine, New Scientist, and New Philosopher)1, a lovely organic cappuccino, a lemon, lime, and ginger concoction of some persuasion, and an avocado and halloumi muffin.

  1. TFW you realise you just summarised yourself with a stack of magazines 🙄 ↩︎