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Mentoring the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Online Hackathon

Image of a person conjuring a networked lightbulb from an iPad

No, we will not be teaching people to conjure lightbulbs from iPads.

Laura and I will be mentoring teams developing civil society applications at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Online Hackathon.

The event kicks off today at 2PM Irish time with the introductory session.

During the session, we will be briefly introducing ourselves, introducing the Small Technology Foundation, and the concept of Small Technology in general.

We will also be encouraging the teams to start doing research on how they can develop their ideas so that they do not use surveillance-based technologies from companies like Google and Facebook and how they can develop them in a way that decentres themselves so that they don’t end up creating yet more colonial tools and centralised data silos.

Our focus during the event will be to ensure that the project teams embrace respecting, protecting, and strengthening human rights and democracy as core tenets.

As part of this, Laura will also be focussing on accessibility-related concerns.

Laura and I will also hold a keynote session on Friday, July 17th.

If you’re participating in the hackathon, here are some preliminary resources you should start familiarising yourself with:


Play with: