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Demonstrating Web + Dat

A screenshot of my screen showing VSCode on one half, three small Beaker Browser windows and one small Safari window on the other – all have this site loaded. This is meta!

This is a short demonstration to show live reload and the peer-to-peer features of my new blog using Web + DAT.


The above content was created as part of a screen recording for my talk at Nesta’s FutureFest at the start of July. As part of the talk I will be showing this blog which progressively enhances the Web with peer-to-peer functionality using DAT.

In the recording (which I’ve just finished and haven’t even exported from Screenflow yet), I show how changes to my posts are almost immediately reflected in Beaker Browser when live reload is on whereas, with a plain web browser like Safari, you have to refresh manually.

Also, while a growing number of people manually refreshing a site would create increasing load for the site, on the peer-to-peer web, the load is distributed. Unlike the old web, the more popular a site gets, the better it performs, without requiring additional resources from the site itself.

In the talk I will also touch upon the importance of content-addressing and the peer-to-peer nature of DAT in relation to censorship prevention and network resilience in general.