Aral Balkan

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Hypha Spike: Diceware

Pulled out from Hypha Spike: DAT 1.

Source code


Screenshot of the completed spike in the browser: Domain: Password: chive cartwheel attire headlamp approach alphabet splendid deceptive. There is a button labeled “Change”. Underneath, the generated public signing key, private signing key, public encryption key, and private encryption key are listed in form fields. The footnote reads that the password generation process has 100 bits of entropy and would take roughly a few hundred million years to brute force with government-level resources. It also says that the generated keyse are Ed25519 (signing) and Curve25519 (encryption)

Screenshot of the completed spike.


Pulled this out into its own Spike so that it doesn’t clutter the DAT 1 spike.

Starting with the Aspect Setup 1 spike, in this spike I: