Aral Balkan

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Hello Peer-to-Peer Web

Beaker Browser showing a version of this page.

Beaker-ception: a screenshot of version of this page in Beaker browser with live reload on.

While documenting my deep dive into multiwriter hyperdb, I realised I was doing so on our forums, running Discourse, when I’d just demonstrated the day before how you can live blog on the peer-to-peer Web.

So I went on a little tangent and set up this “live” blog. Live as in, every time I save what I’m doing, the changes get pushed out to anyone viewing the site with live reload turned on in Beaker Browser. If you’re viewing the site on a regular web browser, you’ll just see a regular site and you won’t get the streaming updates. It’s an example of how we can progressively enhance the centralised web with the peer-to-peer web using the DAT protocol.