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End-to-end encrypted Kitten Chat

Small Is Beautiful (Feb, 2023): End-to-end encrypted Kitten Chat (an example peer-to-peer Small Web app using Kitten. Follow the tutorial to build it yourself from scratch or browse the source code).

In this hour-and-a-half long Small is Beautiful live stream recording, I show you how WebSockets, project-specific secrets, and authenticated routes work in Kitten and migrate a centralised WebSocket chat application to an end-to-end-encrypted peer-to-peer Small Web chat application in Kitten.

The example also makes use of the native support for htmx and Alpine.js in Kitten.

You can follow Small is Beautiful from the fediverse (we stream it using our own Owncast instance) to be notified of future streams.

(Hint: you can install Owncast using Site.js.)


Auto-generated transcript from the captions.

Streamed using our own Owncast instance. (Hint: you can install Owncast using Site.js.)

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