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Small Web: computer science colloquium at University of Groningen

Recording1 of the live stream of a computer science colloquium on the Small Web I presented at the University of Groningen on June 11th, 2024. (Transcript)

Two weeks ago, I presented a computer science colloquium on the Small Web at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands to post grad students and professors.

In the talk, I take you through what the Small Web is and the current state of Kitten, Domain, and Yarn, showing you how to:

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  1. This is a recording of the live stream I recorded on my laptop using a webcam loaned to me by the department and the microphone on my in-ear headphones (so please don’t expect the same quality of image as in the videos I stream and record at my home studio).

    Also, I don’t know exactly what was causing the jittery screen sharing video but I did go in and edit good quality transitions of all the slides (which, along with how long it took to edit the transcript/subtitles) is why I’m only just releasing the video. ↩︎