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Refining the RSS

A screenshot of my feed displaying properly in the Leaf RSS reader with an icon for the site and images for posts that have them.

I can’t optimise my feed for every reader out there but I can for the one I’m using.

I realised today1 that my site’s feed wasn’t displaying well on the RSS reader I’m using (Leaf on macOS). Some other feeds had image previews for items as well as an icon for the site itself while mine didn’t.

How utterly unacceptable!

Sweat the small stuff (it’s all small stuff)

Given I’m writing this at almost 2AM on a Saturday night, you can probably deduce that there was a level of – ahem – trial and error involved in getting things to work.

Initially, I thought the icon for my site wasn’t showing up because I hadn’t added an <image> tag to my RSS feed. So I added that to my RSS template in Hugo:

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:atom="">
      <url>{{ "/apple-touch-icon-144x144.png" | absURL }}</url>
      <title>{{ if eq  .Title  .Site.Title }}{{ .Site.Title }}{{ else }}{{ with .Title }}{{.}} on {{ end }}{{ .Site.Title }}{{ end }}</title>
      <link>{{ .Permalink }}</link>

Sadly, Leaf didn’t bite.

Images were working for Laura’s site so I took a look at her feed and found a clue: her images had absolute URLs while mine were relative.

Hmm… 🤔

Relatively speaking

I can’t use absolute URLs on this site as it’s a Web+ site. Since its accessible over both old school HTTPS and on the peer web, I can’t hardcode a protocol like https:// as that would break links for the dat:// protocol.

That limitation doesn’t really apply to the site’s RSS feed, however.

The W3C Feed Validation Service actually warns you not to use relative URLs in your feeds. (This is a limitation I feel we should remove, going forward. Not least of all because peer replication of RSS feeds over DAT might have some interesting use cases for push/streaming syndication.)

So to cut to the chase, I decided to use a regular expression to massage the URLs in my RSS feed template in Hugo to convert relative URLs to absolute ones:

<item><description>{{ replaceRE "img src=\"(.*?)\"" (printf "%s%s%s" "img src=\"" .Permalink "$1\"") .Content | html }}</description>

Initially, I also had a negative lookahead in there to ensure I wouldn’t rewrite any URLs that might have been absolute URLs to begin:

img src="(((?!http?).)*?)"

But, sadly, Go’s regular expression engine does not support negative lookaheads. This isn’t a big deal, really, since it’s not good form to link to external images directly anyway.

With that change, image previews started working in Leaf.

Favicon blues

But my site’s icon still wasn’t showing up.

It was one-something-AM and instead of going to bed like a sensible person, I decided that this needed fixing right now (the sadder part is that I’m writing this sentence while editing this post at 2:30AM).

Anyway, looking at an icon for site that was displaying properly, I noticed that the image was rather high resolution. So it wasn’t just grabbing a favicon.ico. I already had the ridiculous number of icons one needs for a respectable web site in 2018 generated using Favic-O-Matic. In the end, after more trial and error, I found that Leaf was looking for an apple-touch-icon.png file in the root of the site.

Adding that fixed the icon issue also.

My kingdom for standards-compliant RSS readers

It would be ridiculous, of course, to try and support the idiosyncrasies of every RSS reader out there but I can at least make my feed look good on the one(s) I use.

That said, it would also be great if more RSS readers supported standard elements when available.

Leaf, for example, should make use of the image tag if one exists in a feed. Similarly, RSS readers should present items in enclosure elements (images, audio, and video) when possible. While not part of the standard, it also wouldn’t take much work to resolve relative URLs properly in feeds either.

  1. i.e., “Became unable to ignore any longer…” 😁 ↩︎