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Digital Masquerade

“Today, we are all cyborgs. This is not to say that we implant ourselves with technology but that we extend our biological capabilities using technology. We are sharded beings; with parts of our selves spread across and augmented by our everyday things.” – The Nature of the Self in the Digital Age

Louisa preparing the camera

Louisa preparing the camera for our shoot.

Louisa Treichmann is preparing an exhibition titled Digital Masquerade as part of the Manifesting Futures series. The event will take place next week in the Theatrum Anatomicum at De Waag. Today, I had the pleasure of chatting at length with Louisa on the topic of identity and to record a direct-to-camera piece on the cyborg nature of the self that will be projected on the wall during the event.

Visit the Digital Masquerade web site to learn more about the event and to sign up.