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How Apple and Google will cure COVID-19 and how you can opt into it if you want to keep your job

Contact Tracing is all fun and games and opt-in… until it is not.

I was on Al Jazeera Live today and spoke about why Apple and Google teaming up to offer a Contact Tracing Framework from iOS and Android devices is worrying to say the least.

Quick take-aways:

A contact tracing framework isn’t just for COVID-19…

I am going to reiterate what I said in my previous interview: The hard-won civil liberties we hand over today out of fear will not be easy to regain, if we do regain them at all.

Remember that the framework isn’t called the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Framework. It’s called the Contact Tracing Framework.

Once this is up and running, there are a lot of people who will want to get their hands on that data eventually. Don’t forget that the type of data collected is the same kind of data that the United States government uses to decide who is and isn’t a terrorist before ordering them killed using drone strikes.

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