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Better, simpler, and more affordable

Photo of a hand, it mine, holding an iPhone X running the next bersion of Better. It is a simple, white screen with a blue shield that has a checkmark on it. Under the shield it says “Better is enabled.” On the bottom of the screen are three options: Report a site, Exceptions…, and Get support.

The next version of Better embraces the essentials.

Two weeks ago, in Better Blocker: two year review and thoughts on the future, I wrote that I was going to “radically simplify” the Better apps.

Today, I submitted a radical redesign of Better Blocker for iOS to the App Store for approval in time for the launch of iOS 12.

The app has a minimal new design and a beautiful new icon that Laura and I designed together.

Better’s new icon is a blue shield with a stark shadow running half-way throught it and white heart at its centre.

Better’s new icon.

Minimal look, minimal price

Alongside the minimal new look, Better is also getting a minimal new price. We want more people protected by Better and we want to increase the impact of our tracker blocking. So, come this release, we will drop the price of Better to the lowest tier on the App Store. The Mac app will follow suit with its Mojave release.

Just as effective

The crucial functionality stays the same: Better still blocks trackers using our unique, hand-curated tracker blocker database. What’s different is that it only includes the content blocker rules instead of the full human-readable encyclopaedic entries, informational articles, etc. These will still be available on the Better web site.

The new design decouples the app from the web site and back-end. This is going to make it easier for us to port the app to more platforms and to try something new with the back-end.

Some printouts of the new Mac client for Better showing the new design and macOS Dark Mode states.

Better for macOS Mojave: work in progress.

This is the first iteration of a new chapter in Better’s evolution.

We are now working hard on getting the Mac version ready to submit in time for the macOS Mojave launch on September 24th.

Laura and I hope you’ll enjoy the minimal new design, not to mention the minimal new price.

(Do tell your friends.) ;)