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Gnomit Flatpak bundle

Gnomit logo: Three nodes that resemble the Git icon, in the same portland orange colour as the Git icon. The top node is much larger than the others and contains a filled vector of a pencil.

The Gnomit icon

Gnomit, my simple Git commit message editor for Gnome,1 is now available as a Flatpak bundle.

To get started, see the installation instructions.

Please note that the Flatpak version is currently slower to launch than running the GJS script directly. For more information, see known issues.

I hope to make the installation process simpler by submitting Gnomit to Flathub and I eventually want to host a Flatpak repository at

If you notice any issues, please let me know.

  1. Inspired by the excellent Komet app for macOS. ↩︎