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NLnet Grant Application for Domain Rejected

On October 12th, 2022, we recevied the following form letter, informing us that our NLnet Grant Application (original application, follow-up questions and answers) for Domain has been rejected.

Dear Aral,

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your project "Domain" (2022-08-099) unfortunately was not selected for a grant.

This in no way means that we do not see the value of the work you proposed. We get many more excellent proposals than we can grant with our limited means, so competition is extremely tough. There are unfortunately many talented independent researchers, developers and community leaders that need funding. In addition to that, the specific scope and rules of play of each call pose (sometimes artificial) limits in our selection that mean excellent projects leave empty-handed - because they just do not fit well enough within a certain fund.

Again, we are very sorry that we cannot offer you support for your good efforts. We hope you are not discouraged, and are able to secure funding elsewhere for the project, for instance from any of these organisations:

or through other calls from the Next Generation Internet:

And do trust that we have your funding need and the outline of your project in the back of our head from now on, and so we might come back to you if an opportunity arises (unless you asked us to destroy your contact details in the application form, in which case we will do so).

If you should have any questions, please let us know. And in case you have another good project in mind in the future, do not hesitate to submit again!

Kind regards,
on behalf of NLnet foundation,

Michiel Leenaars
Strategy Director

This means that, to date, we have received and continue to receive no European Union funding for our work at Small Technology Foundation.

I’m also done wasting time writing grant proposals to organisations that clearly do not care about supporting the work we do.

Instead, there is code to write and we will continue to work for the common good – as we have been doing for almost the past decade – even though we are not funded from the common purse.

If you’d like to help us continue to exist, please feel free to become a patron or make a donation.

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