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Apple App Review: resistance is futile!

Still from British TV series Little Britain with the “Computer says no!” woman with googly eyes, tongue sticking out, question marks floating around her head and an alarm clock at the side

Apple: “Computer says… blub-blub-blub’”

Last time on Dances With Drones, Apple had accepted the iOS version of Better Blocker but rejected the macOS one because of invalid app metadata even though both apps had the same metadata.

In response to my asking for some consistency (either remove the macOS one also or accept the iOS one too), this is what 3 of 5 at App Store Review replied:


Thank you for your response.

We are unable to comment on any previous approvals or rejections. Please note that each submission is reviewed as is against the current App Store Guidelines, and not on the precedent basis. Therefore prior approvals do not guarantee automatic approvals of subsequent submissions.

As previously advised, please remove all content that is not directly relevant to your app’s features and functionality from your App Store metadata.

We will be unable to proceed with your review until this issue is resolved.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to reviewing your app.

Best regards,

App Store Review

And I can see their point. I mean the iOS version was submitted about an hour after the macOS version. That’s plenty of time for the App Store Guidelines to have been updated.

With no other option but to censor ourselves and be prevented from explaining to our customers on iOS why we have to move the app to a new account, I’ve now removed the bits Apple wanted to censor and the iOS version of the app is now also waiting for review.

And I’m slowly losing my will to have anything to do with this Borg-like corporation.

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