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Open Broadcaster Software Studio is amazing!

Can I be any more excited about discovering OBS Studio? (Hint: no.)

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio1) is an amazing free software realtime switcher for live streaming and recording that works across all major platforms including Linux.

I used it to record my Introducing Indie Web Server video this week.

Right after that, I also recorded the second short video above to show you my setup2.

OBS, alongside and reveal.js is also what I’m using to prepare for my opening keynote next week at Le Grand Barouf Numérique organised by The European Metropolis of Lille3. I’ll be documenting that setup as I go.

  1. Which, I just realised, I was erroneously referring to as Open Broadcasting Studio until now. ↩︎

  2. On these first two videos, I set the size of my output based on the size of the maximized app windows I was recording, which means that the aspect ratio is a little messed up (it’s not exactly 16:9). That’s why the video has black bars on the sides. I’ve now updated my setup and record the apps in fullscreen so that this will no longer be an issue in future videos. ↩︎

  3. The theme is “Who runs The world?” The event aims to be “a two-day debate about our digital empowerment.” Find out more about my upcoming talks in Lille and Copenhagen in March. I’ll also post details on my upcoming talks in Singapore and Hamburg in April soon. ↩︎