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Gnomit 1.0.4

Gnomit’s git message composition window showing the new look with a standard window that contains the Cancel and Commit buttons.

Gnomit’s new look

There’s a new version of Gnomit, my little commit message editor for Linux, thanks to the initiative of Sergey Bugaev who sent me a patch a few weeks ago.1 Sergey’s patch updates Gnomit to use a standard window instead of the dialog window I was using2 and moves the Cancel and Commit buttons to the new window’s header bar.

The new look actually makes it mirror its inspiration, the Komet app on macOS, almost exactly.

Thank you for the patch, Sergey :)

You can install Gnomit via Gnome Software and Flathub:

flatpak install flathub

For detailed installation instructions, please see the readme.

The source code is available from and there’s also a GitHub mirror where you can open issues and submit pull requests.

  1. Sergey actually sent me the patch quite a few weeks ago but first the new release of Better and then my XPS 13’s battery dying meant I only got round to taking a look at it now. ↩︎

  2. Using a regular window has the welcome side-effect of removing the annoying GTK warning in the terminal complaining about the use of a dialogue window as the main window of the application. ↩︎