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A happy ending to the Better Blocker saga

Still from TV show Little Britain with the Computer Says No Lady holding up a Complaint Form

It’s going to work out in the end.

TL; DR: Apple have been in touch and offered us a way to migrate to our new not-for-profit without impacting the experience of existing Better Blocker customers.

At the start of this month, Laura and I asked Apple for some help to migrate our Apple Developer account (and Better Blocker) from our previous not-for-profit to our new one, following our move to Ireland. Initially, we weren’t able to reach anyone beyond first-level support and Apple said “no.”

Moving on

Based on Apple’s answer we took the following steps:

A turn of events

Towards the end of last week, we were contacted by Apple who told us they could help us avoid this situation. I wrote back and accepted their offer.

Based on this:

What this means for you

I am also attempting to ensure that not-for-profits in the future that might find themselves in similar circumstances (as niche as it may be) will not have to struggle as we did. Fingers crossed on that one.

What this means for us

I’d like to thank Apple for reaching out to help us with this. Just for the record, here’s a summary of the impact this process has had on our tiny two-person not-for-profit, both the negatives and positives.

The negatives

The positives

Here’s to happy endings

I don’t know exactly when our account migration from (Article 12) to Small Technology Foundation will be complete but, barring any further complications, you should not have to know or care about it. You really shouldn’t have had to to begin with.

On behalf of Laura and myself, thank you again for being so lovely about it all and for your support during this difficult process. I’m glad it looks like the story will have a happy ending.

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