Vector diagonal stripe patterns.

Diagonal stripe patterns
Vector diagonal stripe patterns

I made some vector stripes. Enjoy!

I wanted a vector stripe pattern for a graphic I’m making that will be rendered as SVG but couldn’t find a vector pattern feature in Sketch (guys, please consider this a feature request). So, I quickly whipped one up manually and thought I’d make a couple of weights and share them with you.

NB. I ran into an issue with Safari 6.0.2 while including the above SVG as an image element on this page where it wouldn’t fill its containing figure element properly unless I removed the width and height attributes from the root element of the SVG file. It worked fine in the latest Firefox and Opera on OS X. Here’s a quick test case that demonstrates the issue. Doug Schepers is kindly preparing a minimal test case from it and he will be filing a bug with Safari once that’s ready.