'Did You Know?' The Remix

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I stumbled upon this interesting video while poking through Viddler, a video sharing site like YouTube.

I am going to be using Viddler to host the new screencasts for SWX as it lets you upload higher quality videos than the other sites I've evaluated and doesn't restrict you on resolution. I also love the ability to add timecoded comments.

Update: Ooh, right after I posted this, I got the following error on Viddler.com: "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." Makes me a bit hesitant now of putting the SWX videos up there.

Update: To get the best quality when embedding a video, you should embed it so that it displays at its original resolution (so there's no scaling-induced artifacts). Viddler doesn't make that easy. The way I did it for the video above was to click the View in Original Size button and then use Snapz Pro X to measure the size of the video (which came out to 474 x 355) and measure the height of the control bar at the bottom (41 pixels), to get dimensions of 474 x 396. I replaced the erroneous dimenions that Viddler automatically writes into the embedding code with these to get the video to play at (at least very close to) its correct dimensions.

Update: ROTFL! After all that, I notice that the author of the video was kind enough to post the dimensions of the video in the video description (but did I read that, noooo!) :) So, I was close, the actual dimensions are 476 x 356. Again, Viddler should at least make this information available. Ideally, it should give you the option of automatically setting the video to its original size in the embedding code.

Update: And, finally, the "blog this" feature on the site isn't really usable for me as it doesn't use progressive enhancement. So I manually altered the post to use SWFObject.