SWX and Flash Lite: A Perfect Match

I am going to be giving an online talk titled SWX and Flash Lite: A Perfect Match at the Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group on Friday, July 20th at 12:00 Noon EST/16:00 GMT.

Here's the session description:

Sick of parsing XML or writing serialization/deserialization code for variable-encoded strings? Want something that just works? Something simple? Something native?

Introducing SWX: The SWF Data Exchange Format.

SWX uses native SWF files to exchange data. You simply loadMovie() your data and it’s ready for you to use the moment it loads. No deserialization. And, it works with Flash Lite 2.x!

In this session, Aral will introduce you to building Flash Lite applications with the latest version of SWX (Beta 1.2) released just this week.

SWX truly is the data format to use when building mobile applications with Flash Lite. Anyone who has tried to parse XML in Flash Lite will attest to its shortcomings and Flash Remoting just doesn't exist on Flash Lite. SWX lets you work with native Flash objects with minimum processor overhead.

SWX and Flash Lite truly are a perfect match. Tune in to the e-seminar to find out just how perfect! :)