Adobe Live UK: Panel on open source

Adobe Live UK 2007

I am heading into London this afternoon to take part in a panel on open source at Adobe Live UK. The evening kicks off at 6.30pm with registration at the Business Design Center and the panel itself is at 7pm and is scheduled to run for a little over an hour.

Here's the full panel description from the site:

Open source development tools/platforms/environments will increasingly shape future generations of rich applications on the desktop and on the web. Will any single environment dominate the next generation of applications? How can proprietary tools survive in an increasingly open world? Will there be a clear winner? Which technologies will win is still to be decided, but one thing is clear, the future is wide open.

The other panelists are -- oh, I just realized they misspelled my name on the site, lovely! -- Danny Dura (Adobe), David McAllister (Adobe), Bola Rotibi (Ovum), Carlos Ulloa (Papervision 3D), and John Davey (Flash on the Beach).

Apparently, the developer evening is sold out. Looking forward to seeing some of you in London this evening.