Multi-Mania 2007 retrospective

Multi Mania 07

I presented a new version of my Rediscovering Fun session at Multi-Mania yesterday and had great fun doing so!

I had originally planned (way back) to show a few SWX examples on the Nintendo Wii (since SWX is Flash Player 7+ compatible and the Wii runs FP7) but later evolved the presentation to include mobile SWX samples instead. (SWX is destined to be the data exchange format for Flash Lite, especially considering that Flash Remoting doesn't exist and XML has an enormous processor hit.)

Anyway, this did mean that I had a Wii on stage (HAH!, I kill me!) and I decided to put it to good use by playing a game of communal Wii tennis with some of the audience at the start of my session. (If anyone has a photo of this, please let me know!) :)

After that little bit of fun, I moved on to demonstrate SWX Beta 1 for the first time ever and took the risk of live coding during the session. For the first time during a live coding session, all three of my examples compiled first time through. This only strengthens my belief that SWX is simple. Very simple!

Oh, and I ended up winning a weekend in Lisbon, which was totally unexpected (the last time I won anything was probably when I was 12!) :)

Multi-Mania this year was at least twice the size of last years' and yet was as warm and friendly as ever. I'm so happy to see that it lost none of its charm in the transition from a single-track conference to a multi-track one with a neat roster of international speakers. I heard on the grapevine that next year it might even be a two-day conference. Oh yes, and did I mention that its free to attend?

I know it's only just over but I can't wait for Multi-Mania 2008. Here's a warm thank-you to Koen, the Multi-Mania crew, and the lovely warm people of Kortrijk! You guys rock! :)