The ongoing saga of the SWX beta release

The SWX Beta is as ready as its going to be but it's too late for me to make a release tonight (I need to be at the airport in about five hours -- around 6am). Rather than a late-night botched job, I'm going to leave it for tomorrow in Belgium.

There are two things that I wanted to get in there that I haven't been able to. The first is writing in the actual calling URL to the allowDomain call in the data SWF (so that the application that loads the data SWF doesn't have to System.allowDomain the data SWF just because it has to use _parent._url for its own allowDomain). The second is an API addition. The current beta will have a cancel() method. In the next beta, this will be replaced with pause() and kill() methods.

I'll elaborate on these on the release notes, tomorrow. Now, I'm off to get about three hours of sleep before the trek to Belgium for Multi-Mania.

Update: I'm waiting for a half-hour delayed flight to Brussels and I added the kill() functionality to the API and decided against adding pause() -- no need to over-engineer (you can easily kill an existing load and then add it again to the queue.) The final method call in the Beta 1 ended up being cancelAllCalls(). Simple == good! :)