.net magazine podcast, episode 9

Dot net mag

Oh yeah, and Episode 9 of the .net podcast that we recorded the other day is now live! Listen to it here!

Here's a summary of what went down, from the .net site:

Silverlight vs Flash

Microsoft have been heavily pushing Silverlight, their "flash killer" at MIX07 and it has created a considerable stir. Techcrunch are claiming that this could be the end of flash and AJAX. In one of their posts they claimed that "it made flash/flex look like an absolute toy" and "without exaggeration, AJAX looks like a bicycle next to a Ferrari when compared to Silverlight". Our panel is not so sure. Aral Balkan was not at all impressed while Gary Marshall (who was at MIX07) gave only guarded praise. What the panel did agree on was that some healthy competition will keep Adobe on their toes.

Google’s plans for world domination

This month’s .net magazine is packed with some great interviews with Google staff and so we thought it would be good to discuss their plans for world domination on the show. We cover geotagging, SEO techniques and the story that Google are actively targeting Microsoft with their office suite.

Microsoft squashes open source

The entire panel fall over each other in an attempt to be the first to condemn Microsoft’s campaign to extract royalties from the open source community. The general feeling is that not only is this a PR disaster for Microsoft, it is also nearly impossible to achieve. The conclusion is to simply ban software patents... period :)

Home working

In this month’s .net magazine Gary writes a column about home working and how more companies should embrace the practice. As we have a mixed panel made up of both office workers, home workers and (in Aral’s case) coffee house workers, we decided to chat about the pros and cons of leaving the commute behind.

Listen to Episode 9 of the .net podcast here.