Conferences in 2007

This year looks like it's going to be another busy one as far as conferences go. 2007 started off with a bang for me with my talk at MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco, followed by Pixel Reloaded in Singapore. Last month, I spoke at FITC in Toronto, which was a real blast, and it looks like May and June are going to be quite busy also.

Here's a brief look at the conferences I'm going to be speaking at during the rest of the year.

Multi Mania 07

May's conference frenzy kicks off for me in a week's time with Multi-Mania in Belgium, where I will be presenting a session titled Rediscovering Fun.

Rediscovering Fun is an eclectic session that spans the inspirational, creative and technical categories and covers the creative process that led me to create SWX and why SWX is the best data format to use when creating mobile applications with Flash Lite and mashups and other data-driven applications with Flash.

Multi-Mania is a wonderful conference and I can't wait to meet up with my Belgian friends. It's a much larger event this year and the speakers include, among others, Mario Klingemann, Serge Jespers, Stephanie Sullivan, Joey Lott, Peter Elst, and Mike Downey.

And, here's a tidbit of trivia, if you read the domain name ( in Turkish, it reads "Multi-Mania, damn it!" Be (pronounced as in "bed" without the d) is a commonly used exclamation that roughly translates to "damn it". Cool!

Multi-Mania takes place on May 25th in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Adobe Live Netherlands 07

Right after Multi-Mania, I will be presenting two sessions at Adobe Live Netherlands on May 30-31: Memo to the CEO (on agile development process, design patterns and other good practices) and Rediscovering Fun.

Adobe Live UK 2007

I return to the UK at the start of June to take part in a panel discussion titled The Future Is Wide Open at the developer evening at Adobe Live UK on June 5th.

Here's the official session description:

Open source development tools/platforms/environments will increasingly shape future generations of rich applications on the desktop and on the web. Will any single enviroment dominate the next generation of applications? How can proprietary tools survive in an increasingly open world? Will there be a clear winner? Which technologies will win is still to be decided, but one thing is clear, the future is wide open.

This is going to be a timely discussion, following on the heals of Adobe's announcement that it is open sourcing Flex. 2007

At the end of June, I head out to Seville, Spain with my good friends Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith to present a workshop on Flash and Web Standards and a slightly-modified-for-non-Flash-developers version of my Rediscovering Fun session at the conference. is a non-Flash web conference and I look forward to acting as an unofficial ambassador for Flash again. I love conferences like this and d.construct as I find it refreshing to be exposed to different viewpoints, approaches, and technologies and to expose others to the same. Not to mention that I can't wait to sample the scrumptious cuisine, warm weather, and laid back Spanish lifestyle again.

After, it looks like I will have a quiet summer when I will concentrate on developing SWX even further, updating Arp, and working on some mobile Flash Lite applications with both.

Flashforward Boston 2007

In September, I'm booked to speak at granddaddy of Flash conferences, the one and only FlashForward conference which takes place from the 19th to the 21st in Boston. My session, again, will be Rediscovering Fun but I will be presenting a very mature SWX by this time. In fact, with SWX hitting beta hopefully today, I predict that we should see Version 1.0 in June with incremental point releases from there onwards.

Flash on the Beach 2007

Finally, November will see me presenting at Flash on the Beach. FOTB takes place in my lovely hometown of Brighton in the UK and it looks like there will be yet another stellar lineup of speakers presenting there this year.

It looks like 2007 is shaping up to be a great year full of conferences, good friends and lots of SWX! :)