Best Practices Flash Development hits South Africa!

[Update - note the new dates!] I'm going to be giving a 3-Day workshop in South Africa (Cape Town) from 22-24th of November on Best Practices Flash Development.

The workshop -- first presented in its 3-day form earlier this year to a very warm reception at the Swedish National Lottery -- is in some ways an extension of the 1hr presentation I gave at Flashtival and which I've been giving at other MMUGs in Europe. It covers Agile development process, User-Centered Product Development and pattern-based RIA development using ActionScript 2 and the newly open-sourced Ariaware RIA Platform.

By the way, I've gotten some more great feedback from my Best Practices Flash Development talk in Belgium last week. Here are some quotes that Peter Elst from their forum:

"Congratulations, once again a great night! You've really raised the treshold for next time, Aral is a fantastic speaker."

"Just one word for it: wow! Mike Chambers was cool, but Aral Balkan was the icing on the cake."

"First Mike Chambers, who was able to withstand any question that was thrown at him and then Aral Balkan ... wow! If he is ever in the neighbourhood to give a workshop, I'll be the first to sign up. That guy is simply a genius!"

You can read all the feedback on the Belgian MMUG forums.

By the way, I had a blast both in Belgium and the Netherlands last week and I'm really looking forward to my tour of South Africa. I will be speaking the MMUG there as well as giving a seminar at a university and doing the workshop in Cape Town. If you're in the area, check it out!