An internet revolt against DRM?

It's almost 1.30am here in Toronto and I'm about the hit the sack but I can't without commenting on this. It looks like there's an online revolution happening over at Digg. The whole site appears to be taken over by users who are revolting against how Digg handled the posting of the code to unlock the DRM on HD-DVDs. This feels like a far greater revolt against DRM in general. Will this be straw that breaks the camel's back? I'm too tired to research this further right now but it sure feels substantial. I'll be surprised if this doesn't lead to something bigger.

Update: There are hundreds of news articles covering this now as the mainstream press has caught on. Personally, I think John Dvorak (whose articles I remember reading in PC Magazine as a kid) hits the nail on the head: Lawyers are out of touch with the Internet and are posing a liability to their clients with their outdated and aggressive tactics.