Roadmap for SWX 0.3

I'm still in Toronto (I fly back to my beloved Brighton on Wednesday) and working on SWX whenever I get a chance.

Yesterday, I spent some time working on a higher-level SWX library which will make its way into the SWX 0.3 release (yep, we're skipping to a whole new minor version number with the next release). The library/API also makes it easier to build Flash Lite applications with SWX as it provides classes that handle usual Flash Lite gotchas (such as the highly annoying ActionScript stuck error and loadMovie limitations). Of course, you will also still be able to use SWX without the library.

I'm probably going to be jetlagged for a few days when I get back but I do expect to have the 0.3 release out by the end of this week.

In the meanwhile, check out the SWX Alpha 0.2.1 release I made two days ago that brings compression to SWX.

SWX files are now compressed by default. You can set the compression level of the SWX gateway by modifying the compressionLevel setting in the SWX configuration file (php/swx_config.php). Valid values range from 0 (no compression; fastest) to 9 (maximum compression; slowest).

Otherwise, the only other addition to the 0.2.1 release is a very simple Flash Lite 2.1 example. Please note that POST appears to be broken in loadMovie() in Flash Lite 2.1 so make sure you use GET instead. This is not a huge limitation as the amount of data you send from the client to the server in mobile applications is usually quite small and should fit within the limits imposed by GET. However, I have already brought this issue to the attention of several people at Adobe at FITC and I will be working with them to make sure that this gets fixed in future versions of Flash Lite.