Flash Lite and Mobile Development

Notes from Dave Yang and Dongyub Lee's session at FITC.

Dave starts off the session.

MGMaps: Grabs maps from Google maps and uses GPS to locate you on your mobile phone. Streaming video: He's showing us the Slingbox Mobile Player.

He's showing a QR Code example:

RFID (inventory tracking, sales info, security, transportation, games). Requires hardware reader/receiver. More expensive than QR Code.

Dongyub takes the stage.

Flashlite works on a range of embedded devices:

He's going to demonstrate several such devices for us:


B20, E10, clix2, etc.

UI Trends/timeline:

Dave's back on the mike.

Common mobile OS and platforms:

Phones, etc., but also gaming consoles (Wii, PS3, PSP), Cameras, GPS, dashboard displays, TVs, Chumby, set-top box, iTV, etc. For more see http://adobe.com/mobile/supported_devices/

Flashlite versions:

Interfacing with the device:

Typical project:

  1. Device manufacturer: firmware programming
  2. Designer: graphic design
  3. Device manufacturer: User interface logic, program logic, application dev.

Flashlite project:

Flashlite projects thus save time as the Flash team can work independently from the device manufacturer.

Dongyub is now showing the iRiver Clix2. Comes with Flash standalone player.

Flashlite 2 supports device video (native video format). Video is played on top of Flash. Minimal interactivity. Flashlite 3 supports streaming from FMS.


SWF2Go: Packages SWF, icon, and other content as a .sis installer. S2G-FITC (10% promo code). http:/www.orison.biz/store


Verizon wireless (BREW/USA only): Over-the-air delivery (auto download of Flashlite player) Symbian:


More to come: