Belgium MMUG

I arrived in Belgium about an hour ago and I'm sitting in the audience right now, enjoying the free WiFi :)

Mike Chambers has just started his talk. He's talking about Flash Player 7 penetration (which is apparently at 81% currently in Europe -- and that's the highest adoption rate in the world. The numbers are about 3 months old apparently.) This is similar to the presentation that Mike did for us at the London MMUG and he's going to be taking lots of questions at the end so I'll keep the post uncluttered so I can report his impromptu responses.

Mike's talking about Central and how maybe in the future it won't be running in a shell. A question that jumps to my mind is whether or not there are statistics on Central uptake. I'll try and get that one in during the Q&A.

Do you have questions for Mike? Leave your comments here and I'll try and ask him!

[Update] Ok, Mike's started taking questions... so we probably have about 15-20 minutes (maybe even 30 minutes as there is apparently time left!)

If you have questions, ask them on the thread on Ultrashock.

[Update] Questions are coming to an end. We got a couple in from Ultrashock :)

All right, I'm up next so I'm going to stop now!

[Update 2004/10/24] I'm on a train between Belgium and Holland at the moment, headed towards Amsterdam. Looking forward to meeting up with Owen and some friends from Flashtival :) The talk yesterday was great fun. I got some wonderful feedback immediately afterwards and there appears to be some positive feedback (in Dutch) on the Belgium MMUG forums :) Can't wait to do it again on Monday in Amsterdam (with possibly a couple of changes that I'm working on right now!)