Dreams of Spain and photo shoots

Aral chewing his glasses

I'm honored to be part of the line-up at the upcoming serestandar.es conference in Sevilla, Spain from the 27th to the 29th of June, 2007.

The coolest thing? I get to see my bio in Spanish:

Aral y Flash, en un arbol, B-E-S-A-N-D-O. Un bloger desde hace cinco años y un desarrollador de Flash desde hace siete. Aral esta orgulloso de sus amoríos con la gente maravillosa de la comunidad Flash.

Es fundador de OSFlash.org y creador de Arp, the open source, pattern-based RIA framework para la Plataforma Flash. Aral es autor de los tutorías de Adobe Flex QuickStart y de las series Hot Shots, seis originales cursos de un día sobre Flash y Flex. También ha contribuido a varios libros sobre la plataforma Flash.

Un ponente profesional y aclamado así como profesor, Aral habla regularmente en conferencias internacionales sobre la Web, Open Sourse y Flash.

Aral vive en Brighton donde da servicios de consultoría y formación a través de su empresa, Ariaware.

OK, OK, so it's also very cool that I'm going to go back to my beloved Spain! :) I've been missing it terribly since my trip to Barcelona last year.

Ah, and I also had some photos taken at Studio 27 today so I don't have to scramble to search Flickr whenever someone asks for one. I think they came out really well! Many thanks to my photographer, Susie, and to James who runs the place. The one in this post is just one of the 160 or so I ended up getting! :)

OK, now I'm going back to working on SWX and preparing for FITC this weekend. I even managed to get a Datum t-shirt printed in record time thanks to Jake's amazing help at Jump the Gun and new cards printed with Datum on them. Really happy how those came out too! Can't wait... Canada, here I come! :)