SWX Alpha 0.2.0 released!

I just released SWX Alpha 0.2.0 on the SWX homepage.

This is a huge release in terms of functionality as it brings us cross-domain data exchange. What this means is that anyone can now make their APIs available in SWX format, alongside JSON, XML, etc. I'm going to start talking to various people about this immediately.

Another big change is an API change (I know, how many times can I change an API that almost doesn't exist?) Instead of using Prepare.forPhp(dataHolder); (where dataHolder is your data holder movie clip), you now use SWX.prepare(dataHolder). This is due to an underlying change in the way that SWX works. It now sends arguments to the server serialized in JSON format instead of PHON.

See the updated introductory blog post on SWX for an example of how to use the new API.

The SWX Analyzer also works across domains now so you will see debug information regardless of whether you are testing your applications locally or remotely.

I've also added PowerPC support (bi-endian? Motorola you gotta be kiddin' me!) :) So SWX should work for you if you're running PHP on an older Mac.

GET support on the gateway was also broken since the last API change and I've fixed this now.

You can download SWX Alpha 0.2.0 and read the full list of changes on the SWX Download Page.