London MMUG tonight: Usability & Flash vs. HTML

I'm on the train from Brighton to London for tonight's London MMUG meeting. The evening will kick off with Gerred Blyth giving a talk on Usability. Specifically, he will:

* Discuss what usability is, and how the term is often misused * Look specifically at the difference between usability and accessibility * Show how usability is just one outcome of user-centred design * Give you practical tips and strategies for ensuring your designs are usable

* Consider the unique demands and opportunities provided by Flash

We also have a heated debate lined up on Flash vs. HTML. I'm going to be in the Flash team along with Peter Hall and Tink. Kevinjohn Gallagher and Gerred Blyth will be arguing the HTML side.

There's still time to register if you want to come along. Last we checked, we were expecting about 75 people :)