A taste of what's to come

I'm way too tired to make a release tonight but here's a taste of some of what you're going to get in the next release of SWX tomorrow, starting with a look at the SWX Analyzer:

SWX Analyzer in 0.1.9

Notice the new History panel? Data that you receive is now kept in a history so you can go back to previous packets. But that's a very small addition compared to the big news, which is:

SWX is now fully interoperable with Amfphp (no joke!). This means that you can use existing Amfphp services without modification with SWX. This was one of the core design constraints for SWX and Patrick's email today lead me in the right direction (thanks, man) -- oh boy, no one's going to believe this after the April Fool's Day joke are they?

Beyond that I've added basic support for PHP objects (they are currently converted to associative arrays). Full support for custom class instances might be in the future but if I do implement it, I want to do it right and it's really not a priority right now.

I'm going to release 0.1.9 tomorrow. After that, I'm going to work on adding cross-domain support to SWX SWFs and with that, we should reach the 0.2 release.

In between all this, I want to develop a FlashLite client with SWX as building FlashLite apps is one of the most important use cases for SWX (there is no Flash Remoting on FlashLite.)

But right now I'm going to finish judging the few AIGA sites I have left and then hit the sack.