Twitter Stream

The Flash movie in this post is Twitter Stream -- a stream of the latest updates from the public timeline. Read the rest of the post to see it and learn more.

Twitter Stream: SWX sample application. You can find out more about SWX at and you can follow me on Twitter.

Click the full-screen button on the top-right-hand-corner (courtesy of the Papervision demos) to see it in all it's glory. The original resolution for it is 1080p (1920x1080). I initially started building it for the PS3 but then decided that it ran better with my Mac connected to my HDTV through HDMI. It's meant to run as an installation on a large screen. In fact, I've got it running in the corner of my living room right now :)

Ah, and by the way, since I mentioned it: The PS3 is a lovely machine. I never thought I'd say those words. In fact, until I found out that it had the Flash Player on it, I had no desire to buy one. How Sony could do such a horrible PR job on such a wonderful console is beyond me. Of course, when I did find out that it had Flash on it, I just had to have one (Flash, full-screen on 1080p, anyone?) :)

Unfortunately, it only has the Flash 7.0.25 player. I don't understand what Adobe is playing at with this. They should be falling over themselves to get the Flash 9 player onto the Wii, XBox 360 and PS3... Anyway, since we have Flash 7, we'll make do with Flash 7 for now.

So the first thing I started doing is (of course) adapting my SWX Twitter badge for the PS3. As I did so, it evolved to become Twitter Stream. I wanted particle effects to create the stream so I dug up Jared Tarbell's particle component from the Flash MX: Most Wanted Components book that we co-authored many moons ago. Unfortunately, it didn't compile for me as-is, so I ported it to ActionScript 2 (and will release this shortly, after some minor clean-up). Now I have lovely particles (thanks, Jared!). Yay!

You can download Twitter Stream 1080p as an OS X projector (3.6MB) and as a Windows projector (1.3MB).

Update: I updated the Mac version of the projector. It no longer has the embedded font which means that all sorts of foreign characters (or native ones, depending where you're from) will work. The font, to my knowledge, is not available on all Windows machines so I left that one as-is. As a side-note, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic look pretty cool on this.