Rediscovering Fun at FITC 2007

Fitc 2007

News Flash: I just changed the session I'm presenting at Flash in the Can (FITC 2007) this month to Rediscovering Fun! (Big ups to Shawn and Naomi for scrambling to implement my last minute change!)

What? Why? How? Huh? You're going to love the new session -- here's the low-down:

Hack it! Mash it up! Mix your SWX with your JSON with your XML with your Flash Remoting. Suck up that API. Put it on your phone, slap it on your Wii, throw it on your PS3. Break it. Fix it. Play! Have fun!

Aral Balkan loosens his collar and goes barefoot to share his recent experiences in rediscovering the fun side of Flash.

Expect a first hand introduction to SWX, Aral's new data exchange format for Flash that works with SWF files and lets you loadMovie()your data, APIs, mashups, some spaghetti code, mobiles and consoles.

Join Aral for an honest, relaxed and inspirational presentation on letting go and having fun with geekery.

I initially presented this session last week, after launching SWX, and it was really well received (and I had a blast!) I'm going to be updating it with new examples and hopefully more devices for Canada.

Flash in the Can is only 16 days away! *Gasp* Where does the time go? I can't wait!

Find out more on the FITC web site.