My weekend, by Aral Balkan

I took the last two days off (for the most part) to rest the 'ol hands and attend to some other affairs (accounting, taxes, and all that good stuff) after about three weeks of constantly working on SWX. I'm back to work today, taking part in Episode 6 of the .net magazine podcast, judging entries for the AIGA 100 Show, and, of course, evolving SWX, so expect some developments in the rest of the week.

On a completely unrelated note: How cool was the Apple/EMI announcement this week? It's great to be present at the first crack that will eventually spell the end of DRM -- it was about time! :)

Finally, here's a big thank-you to everyone who has written in, both on this blog and to me personally, with words of encouragement and support for SWX. I am slowly getting round to answering your emails so please bear with me as I work my way through them.

Go SWX! :)