A new chapter: Patrick Mineault joins SWX

* * * April Fool's Day - Joke Alert! * * * This is not a serious post! * * *

What a crazy week this has been! First, I released a new data exchange format for Flash called SWX. It was generally very enthusiastically received but Patrick Mineault was not impressed. Just when I'd thought that we'd mostly agreed to disagree on the matter, I got an email this morning from Patrick that put a smile on my face. Apparently, on further thought, Patrick's decided that SWX is a good idea after all and suggested that we merge it with Amfphp.

So, it's my great pleasure to announce Swxamfphp, pronounced Swix-Amph-H(i)p.

Our initial thoughts are to send SWFs to the Remoting gateway and see how that works out. Based on the results of those feasibility studies, we're considering embedding Remoting calls inside SWX SWF files and sending them to the Amfphp JSON endpoint over UDP before moving on to remoting entire movie clips. There's just so much potential here -- I can't explain how exciting this is.

I've also seen some amazing feedback on SWX from the web and wanted to share some of my favorites with you:

Mike Downey: "This is such an exciting time for the Flash Platform. I just know that Apollo is going to change everything."

Mike Chambers: "I have seen the future. And this is it. I'm definitely going to be using Apollo exclusively from now on."

Guy Watson: "This is great news! Go Apollo!"

Ryan Steward: "If I had two columns, I'd cover this in both. Apollo rocks!

Jesse Warden: "There's pimp-tight an' then dere's bettah, Apollo iz bettah than da bomb. Peep this shit!"

Thanks guys. It's all quite overwhelming! :)