Yesterday: Apollo on Boagworld, Apple TV, giving in to the iPod and the Adobe CS3 launch

I spent most of the morning yesterday writing documentation and examples for The Tangent. There's One More Thing (tm) I want to try and get in there before the launch late today/tomorrow so I'll be working on that today.

It's Apples and CS3s

We also went down to London Pete and Relly to attend the CS3 launch party but, of course, we stopped at the Apple Store on Regent St. first. Bad move! :) I left with an Apple TV (see pictures of the unwrapping ceremony). We're going to use it tonight to watch the season finale of Battlestar Gallactica with Pete and Josh. Oh yes, and I finally gave in to my iPod-free existence and got a (RED) iPod Nano. Actually, I first gave in a few hours prior to that moment at the Solutions store in Brighton where I got a silver one but that baby's going back today.

The CS3 launch party was... umm... well attended! And the booze flowed like water. Of course, I forgot to take my phone with me (*doh!*) and couldn't post any pictures. They had little cakes with the periodical table symbols on them and we had great fun trying to guess what Ct and Sb were (needless to say, a four-letter word was suggested for the former and son-of-a-bitch was among the suggestions for the latter.) I still can't believe the branding -- what a mess!

At least the boxes had slightly higher production values. Although no one could tell what they were supposed to signify. Oh well, I guess it's what's inside that matters...

There was a presentation but it was too low to hear at the back so, of course, we kept talking which made it completely impossible to hear. (There's a chicken and egg in there somewhere but I'll stop looking for it now. Though the egg may be chocolate -- yum!) I did catch bits of it: One of the presenters, for example, professed that he'd been at Adobe 20 years and that the ladies wouldn't believe him if he told them he was 40. I have no idea what else he was talking about but I'm assuming it had something to do with CS3. Next time, it might be an idea to use a more powerful PA system.

The various applications were on show at the party and it is a good looking bunch. I've got my eye on the Master Collection which contains something like a gazillion Adobe applications *and* a Tickle-Me-Elmo toy. Fanfuckintasticlicious!

No, really, why are there fifty zillion different bundles? Adobe, don't become Microsoft. Tsk, tsk.

I still want the Master Collection. Do I have to be wearing leather to buy that? "Who's your daddy, Photoshop? Uhuh, that's right!" :)

(This blog post originally had purpose and direction and may do so again at some point.)

BoagWorld Podcast

Ah, yes, and the piece I recorded on Apollo for Paul Boag's Boagworld podcast went live in yesterday's show titled Neverending Beta.

I even listened to it on my new Nano. Boy do I feel megahiptacular!

Today, today, I love you, today!

So without further ado, I'm going to get back to working on The Tangent...