The Tangent: Now with 100% extra security!

I wanted to get at least a minimum level of security implemented on the server side for the alpha release but I believe I've gone beyond that. In fact, I'm pretty sure that what I just implemented should be all that's needed, going forward. (One of the great things about open source is that it will be reviewed by a large number of people so if there are any issues I'm sure we'll catch them and fix them.) As far as I can see, The Tangent is now secure :)

I'm now heading back home to record a piece on Apollo for Paul's Boagworld Podcast but I'm going to get right back to working on The Tangent after that.

I'm close ... so close! :)

The next steps are to keep working on the web site, create the final versions of the first examples, put those and the analyzer up and launch the website with the public announcement, demos, etc. That should happen tomorrow, with the initial early alpha release going live on Wednesday.

If you're interested in seeing me present The Tangent (and talk about "rediscovering fun" and life in general), come down to the LFPUG in London on Thursday.