The Tangent: Roundup

Following Mike Davies's spirited uncovering of the domain name that The Tangent will be hosted at (, here's a roundup of everything that's currently public about the project, including some new bits of information, ahead of next week's official announcement:

I spent some time today making the analyzer component (one piece of The Tangent project) all-beautiful-and-shiny-like. I'm very biased, of course, but I like to think that it's a lovely analyzer, as far as analyzers go (I decided it's not really a debugger and hence the name change). I hope you'll agree when you see it next week.

I will be releasing the web site, full information and the initial alpha over the course of next week. The alpha will be out prior to my talk at the LFPUG on Thursday and you can be sure that I'll be presenting it during the conference tour that I'm going to be embarking on starting in April (May's totally crazy -- something like four conferences, maybe more! More on those later!)

Thank you all for the interest you've shown in this and for your support. It's going to be worth it -- I can't wait to reveal The Tangent and to work with you to develop it into something that's really useful to us all.

Here's to the most amazing community on the planet! Go Flashers! (Yell that in public, I dare you!.. umm, does a blog count?) :) Love you guys! And I hope you'll love The Tangent! :)