More details on The Tangent

OK, so here are two more letters from the domain name: s _ _ f _ r _ _ _ .org. Hmm...

And some more details:

I started developing The Tangent because I find that the existing methods of getting data into Flash are overly complicated. We need something really simple to encourage developers to build mashups and experiment without being discouraged with loads of plumbing and scared away with reams of code. I've went into more detail on this on Yapmo so I won't repeat that here. Needless to say, it's time for a new way of doing things.

My key design consideration with The Tangent is to make it as easy as possible to use. You won't have to hunt down huge code libraries. In fact, I want developers to be able to get up and running in creating data-driven Flash apps without any hassle whatsoever. Creating a data-driven Flash application is not rocket science. At its core, you're basically moving data around between tiers. Yes, you're creating the role of a glorified delivery man. Automating copy and paste, if you will (yes, there's a lot more involved when it comes to scalability, security, etc. but this isn't meant for enterprise stuff.)

But how much easier can it get? Quite a bit! All we have to do is think differently. Think Flash, not Java!..