Project codename The Tangent has a domain

Enom has been screwing me around for the past five days -- making it impossible for me to register the .IO domain name I wanted for project codename The Tangent (and here.) Not a bad codename as far as codenames go, eh? <borat>Niiiice, I like!</borat>.

Anyway, in the meanwhile I decided that having a .IO domain name would have been cool but a .ORG, even if it's a bit longer, will probably be more familiar to people. So I registered a domain today and I'm going to start setting up the site as I continue developing the codebase. I've implemented the core features but I want to add some security and and hopefully an optimization or two before releasing the alpha.

I will be announcing the project and releasing a lot more information on it before my talk at the LFPUG next week where I'm going to present it publicly for the first time.

Here's a hint, the project's actual name begins with an S. Hmm, now what could S stand for? Summertime? Surrealistic? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?.. :)

And here's one more, the domain name is s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . org ... hmm, a letter a day?