Wanna stalk me?


For the last few months, I've been routinely telling the anyone who cares what I've been up to: what I'm working on, events I'm attending, that I just stubbed my toe -- anything, really -- on Twitter.

Twitter is a presence application that makes me feel connected with my friends without requiring undue effort and without getting in my way. It's the first so-called Web 2.0 app that I've been using on a daily basis. And we definitely need more Flashers on it! :)

If you do sign up, add me as a friend and you'll be able to stalk me.

If you do start using Twitter, you might find Friend or Follower useful. It's a little Flex application I threw together that lets you see who was added you as a Friend so you can add them back if you want to. And if you want to extend Twitter, there's an official Twitter API as well as TwitAPI, a little suite of API extensions for Twitter that I've been hacking together in my spare time.

Oh yes, and keep an eye on Yapmo. I'm very close to announcing the tangent I've been on recently. After which time, I'm going to be using the fruits of that tangent on my Yapmo apps and developing both concurrently.