Flash, Flex and ActionScript jobs at OSFlash

OSFlash Job Board

There's now a new job board on OSFlash for Flash, Flex and ActionScript jobs.

Posting your jobs on there is a great way to reach an audience of over 100,000 Flash and Flex developers and support OSFlash at the same time :) (We had 110,000 unique visitors last month and that number is currently growing by about 10,000 each month.)

I announced the OSFlash Job Board last night on the OSFlash mailing list. Here's an excerpt from that email:

I'm setting up a job board on OSFlash for posting Flash, Flex and ActionScript positions. I've been trying to find a way to make OSFlash self-sustaining for a while so I can devote more time to it and this seems like a non-intrusive way of doing that. Of course you're all more than welcome to keep sending job announcements to the mailing list but please do mention the job board to your companies, etc., as it would be a great way for them to get more exposure on the web site and support OSFlash at the same time.

You can view the job board at:


To kick things off, please feel free to send me your job announcements (you can reply to this post or email me directly) and I'll put up the first ten myself without charge. (I'd do more but I added a few jobs just a few moments ago and remembered how much I hate data entry -- I don't think I could take any more manual labor!) :) Of course, if you'd like to support the effort, please feel free to put in a job announcement yourself :)

To help me out, please provide the following info:

Company, URL, Title: (of job position), Location, Category (Design, Development, Animation, or Management), Type (Full Time, Part Time, or Contract), Description (a longer textual description of the job, no HTML), Contact Information (who should they contact to apply and how; email, phone, etc.)

The job board itself is powered by Joard -- a "web 2.0" job board application by my good friend Dave, whom you may know better as builtbydave. I'm so happy that OSFlash is the first live Joard job board and I'm sure that Joard is going to be hugely successful -- great stuff, Dave!

Feel free to send me your comments, suggestions, etc. or just reply to this post.