Made it ! :)

Just a quick update to let you know that after a harrowing day of boxes, trucks, a train ride and much unpacking, we have pretty much settled down in Brighton. Did I mention that I love this city? Apart from possibly having lost a processor on our dual-processor subversion server, everything appears to be in one piece (note to self: next time, check that the processor didn't somehow come loose during shipping!) :)

The great news is that we should have broadband connected tomorrow and my 3G card has amazing reception over here.

Ah, of course, and how can I forget: We released an update to Ariaware Optimizer last night. Version 1.01 of Ariaware Optimizer is now out and available for download. It contains a change to the licensing scheme, to improve the user exprience and coincides with the release of our new Key Manager application on the Ariaware Portal. It's now easier than ever for users to generate and manage their own keys in a secure environment.

Also, we just sent out Freelancer licenses for Optimizer to those lucky winners who won a copy last month at the London MMUG and at Flashtival. We are going to be announcing the general availability of the Ariaware RIA Platform (Version 2.0) in the next few days and we will be mailing out the prize winners for that product soon thereafter!

On the subject of prizes: I saw that a couple of people have entered the Ariaware Optimizer monthly competition and submitted incomplete applications. For the application to be valid, you really have to fill out the whole form (oh validation, where art thou, I know, I know!) In any case, if you're in this boat, please feel free to send me the rest of the submission form by email at any time and we'll enter you in!

You know, I think I'm going to do something completely out of character and actually get a good night's sleep tonight!.. and so our Brighton adventure begins! :)