F.A.C.T. Off! Let's give F.A.C.T. the finger.

I just saw this on Adriana's blog and had to reproduce it here. I love that poster.

Piracy: Giving the movie industry the finger?

There’s nothing I hate more than sitting down for a film at a cinema only to have that horrendous F.A.C.T. screen come up to threaten me about what could happen to me if I take a photograph or record the film. Thank you for threatening me right after I’ve bought a ticket and sat down to watch a film and RE-FUCKIN’-LAX for goodness’ sake!

If you read my blog, you probably know that I don’t like being threatened. In fact, you may say that I’m somewhat allergic to it. That’s why I’ve developed somewhat of a chronic rash against the MPAA, RIAA, and recently, the BBC

In fact, here’s an idea: Let’s organize a single day where we all go to the same movie and take a photo (with flash, of course) of the F.A.C.T screen at the start of the movie and post it as a protest on Flickr? Why not organize this as a national event with meet-ups at cinemas all over the country? We can call it Finger F.A.C.T. day. Or F.A.C.T. off! I like F.A.C.T. off! In fact, I just registered factoff.org. Let’s do it!

Who’s with me?